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Wherever, whenever. No more waiting for an external help.

HubTie CMS features

Gain a tool to easly manage your website or webstore with one powerfull solution:

HubTie CMS (Content Managament System) is a system for editing and maintaining website content without the required knowledge of the HTML language. For a better control over your customers you can update HubTie CMS with inventory and order managment to HubTie ERP.

Create your content easily, transparently and efficiently. It is possible to independently edit the content, news, images, banners and other elements of your website, directly, without the help of an external help or a person who created the page.

Security of your data

Our system provides greater security, precisely because of the closed code that is protected business secret of our company and is not publicly available.

Easy to use

We developed our system with overview of our client's that's why system is developed to be as easy as possible. If you will have some problems we can easly support you within our support team.

Supported languages

Due to diversity of our client's we developed our system in selected languages: English, German, Hungarian, Slovenian and Italian. But we are working also on new implementations every day.

Scalability of
our system

With growth of your business we are capable to support your needs with different modules like CRM, ERP,...etc

Custom website forms with
reservation overview

Every website has it's own ideas of contact forms, with API integration our system is capable of expending different forms.

Protection of
personal data

All security that you need for GDPR.



Our company is on the market for more than 10 years with successful support for many well-known brands worldwide.



Client's happiness and needs are our main focus, with the development of our software we always focus on good user experience.



We supported businesses worldwide from the UK, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, USA and many others.



From our offices we cover all over client's presented worldwide.


Business Solutions

  • Content

    Self-editing and adding of text, images, sub-pages, menu items, files, news, and media content

  • Reservation system

    Allows a constant overview of the stock you have in the warehouse

  • Related Products

    A feature that allows you to customize products that are related to the product the customer views on your site. Example: A customer is interested in buying a table tennis table. Related products like table tennis racket and table tennis balls are also shown on the side. This way you can increase the likelihood that the customer will find what he is looking for, and maybe decide for an additional product that he may not have thought of purchasing before.

    Different languages ​​& prices

  • Product module adapted with language and price support by country
  • Smart categorization

    Time-saving repeated categorization

  • An advanced gallery module with automatic image adjustment

  • Request forms

  • Loyalty Points

    Enabling buyers on your website to retrieve loyalty points based on the purchase that they make and by converting buyers into loyal customers.

  • Gallery

    Galleries with automatic image upload customization

  • Independent change of the main CTA, headers, images, content, text, and categories


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